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Being a Police Officer for 30 years and a Police Department tactical instructor for 20 years I can, with full confidence, say that the Interactive Cognitive Engagement Training and Evaluation ( ICE-TE ) target system is the best training tool that can be offered to any Law Enforcement Agency. It takes static range time and force on force training and brings them together to offer a premiere live fire training scenario that is totally dictated by the officer’s response to the situation he/she is being presented with. This is a system that will benefit brand new recruits as well as the most seasoned officers and tactical teams. Having the ability to observe and record their physiological responses and their actual hits on target is the closest simulation to what is possibly the most stressful situation a Law Enforcement officer could be asked to handle.

This system is definitely a must have for all police agencies and should be on every police range.


                                                                             Frank Pinto

                                                                             NYPD /ESU