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Scenario based training meets live fire

Live fire, live sequences. Realistic immersion of trainees into the full spectrum of decision making in a volatile and potentially threatening situation.

  • Critical decision-making
  • Stress Management
  • Immersive live fire confrontation
  • Impact placement, Physiological data, timing & video AAR

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ICE-TE Introduction Video



Data collection per sequence:

ICE-TE data set infographic.PNG

Target and hardware Architecture

The ICE-TE is an interactive electronic target developed by 910Factor:

Its technological capabilities include accuracy results, a dynamic shot sequence reconstruction, physiological data and user/trainee video analysis.

The electronic, sensors and hardware are integrated in a target wall insert and connected to a server.

The ICE-TE can be installed in a tactical indoor range, or built within a shoot house, configured for deployment in open ranges for vehicle scenarios, or in a self contained mobile unit.

Gaze tracking wearable

(presently being integrated)

Physiology and research


Each sequence analysis includes physiological data captured from integrated wearable technology: POV video safety glasses, gaze tracking and heart-rate monitor, allowing quantifiable insight into behaviors linking stress and performance.

By correlating performance and multi-source data, 910 Factor, Inc. alongside partner agencies and academia intend to deepen significantly the understanding of how decision-making, and performance are correlated to physiological states.

Training outcomes:

Discernment, decision and action in a live fire setting.
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Immediate feedback
Police evaluation

"Being a Police Officer for 30 years and a Police Department tactical instructor for 20 years I can, with full confidence, say that the Interactive Cognitive Engagement Training and Evaluation ( ICE-TE ) target system is the best training tool that can be offered to any Law Enforcement Agency.

It takes static range time and force on force training and brings them together to offer a premiere live fire training scenario that is totally dictated by the officer’s response to the situation he/she is being presented with.

This is a system that will benefit brand new recruits as well as the most seasoned officers and tactical teams. Having the ability to observe and record their physiological responses and their actual hits on target is the closest simulation to what is possibly in the most stressful situation a Law Enforcement officer could be asked to handle.

This system is definitely a must have for all police agencies and should be on every police range."


                                                                      Frank Pinto

                                                                                                NYPD /ESU

Additional information:

ICE-TE quad chart

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Digital brochure

White paper

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IP: USPTO (US-10288381-B1)
EPO (EP3811023A4)

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